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Recognizing the Signs: Introducing A Free Eating Disorder Quiz Resource 

By Margherita Mascolo, MD, CED-S| 2 Min Read | February 27, 2024
Self-Advocacy In Mental Health And Eating Disorder

In our society the prevalence of eating disorders continues to soar, negatively affecting millions of lives. Individuals and loved ones often struggle to recognize the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder. Our goal is to empower individuals with a resource to help them recognize the presence of an eating disorder so early intervention is possible.  

This week we launched a free eating disorder quiz on our site to help loved ones, parents, or individuals that are unsure if they are dealing with an eating disorder.  

This tool utilizes the SCOFF questionnaire. The SCOFF is a brief screening tool used to identify individuals at risk for an eating disorder. Consisting of five questions, it assesses key behaviors and attitudes commonly associated with disordered eating patterns. The questions focus on aspects such as body image dissatisfaction, control overeating, and feelings of guilt or shame related to food. A positive response to two or more questions suggests a potential presence of an eating disorder and indicates the need for further evaluation by a healthcare professional. With its simplicity and effectiveness, the SCOFF questionnaire provides a valuable resource for quickly identifying individuals who may require intervention and support for their eating disorder symptoms. 

Individuals or caregivers can utilize this tool on our site as a catalyst for meaningful conversation around treatment. We hope to break down the barriers of confusion or shame that often prevent individuals from seeking help. Whether someone is grappling with their own struggles or concerned about a loved one, this resource provides a starting point for fostering empathy, understanding, and support.  

You can access this resource and explore it further by clicking here.